Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Normalizing Career Gaps

In 2022 I took six months off from working full-time. Not everybody understood why I was taking a sabbatical and literally anyone I spoke to kept asking me how I planned to do so. One day I was watching the YouTube creator “Evelyn From the Internets.” In the video, she discussed saving $20,000 and quitting her full-time job. When I saw that video, my head started spinning. I was like, “what is that?” “Funemployed” Sabbatical? Wait huh? Prior to that, I knew I was starting to feel tired and burned out (Therapy burnout is a different post for a different day). 

The first step I took was to prepare, prepare oh yeah and prepare. I also knew that I was going to have to relocate from NYC for obvious reasons.  

First thing I did was I started to save. I already had a high yield savings account for my emergency fund. I opened a separate HYS account and labeled it “Sabbatical Fund.” I believe in writing your goals down to make them more real. Every paycheck I put money in it until I reached $10,000. 

Furthermore, I had to cut my expenses. By heading to the dealership, I was able to sell my 2017 Chevy Malibu, for a very good price. Additionally, I sold items I owned or thrifted on Ebay, Mercari, Poshmark (Shameless plus for referral link). I already stopped being a nails and lash girly after the pandemic, so it was no longer something that I worried about. I then relocated to another state. Although I was living with family, I did contribute but I spent way less than I did when I was living in New York City.  

During my sabbatical, I was able to rest for REAL. I went to the pool, the park, daily Zumba and eventually got bored. I had not been bored in ages. I realized I needed a little more stimulation. I took a few swimming lessons (which did not pan out well, but at least I tried). I also took an Introduction to Coding course which I loved and was very eye opening. I also learned how to take better care of my natural hair lol (even though I am still struggling with it). 

After 5 months, it was time to return to work. One of the first questions I was asked was “why have you not worked in so many months?” Although I do not think you have to tell employees all your personal business, you should be transparent. I informed them I took the time to relocate, obtain a new state OT license and driver's license. Which technically was true. 

At the time of this post, I find myself in a similar position where I will have another gap in my work history. I have relocated once again, and I have not worked since October 2023. I have been to a few interviews and the question has always come up. “What have you been doing for the past few months?” Again, I was able to use the same reason as before due to relocation, needing to obtain a new state license, so on and so forth. 

Although the position wasn’t for me and I didn’t end up getting the position, I still wonder...why are career gaps so looked down on 

Benefits of a Career Sabbatical 

  • Helps to prevent burnout 
  • Allows you to care for family or loved ones 
  • Enables you to further your education or learn/update your skills 
  • Provides you with time needed to move or relocate 
  • Personal growth 


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Monday, June 26, 2023

5 Facts About Home Health Occupational Therapy Services

To be eligible for home health services, patients must have a “homebound” status. In other words, it is extremely difficult for him or her to leave their home without assistance. 

Additionally, patients must be under the care of a MD, qualified NP or PA. 

Patients only leave their home for short non-frequent amounts of time. For example, to attend a doctor’s visit or a church service.

Home health occupational therapy services are covered by Medicare Part A which also includes inpatient care, skilled nursing facility care and hospice care. 

Home health OT services or services must be provided by a skilled OT or COTA to help patient improve function and/or prevent decline in function.

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Friday, June 24, 2022

Destressing After a Long Work Week

It's been a long week, but the school year is almost over. One of the ways I destress after a long day is to light a candle and relax. I honestly love anything that smells good.  Perfume, body spray, air fresheners and of course candles.

What are some ways you relax after a long day?

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