Saturday, April 22, 2017

What happens if you’re waitlisted?

When I first started posting that I was in OT school I used to spend a lot of time on message boards and in graduate school forums.  I then started to get a lot of message from potential OT students asking me what I did to get into my program.  Well, this is not what this post is about.  I am actually going to tell you about my experience being on the wonderful waitlist.

First off, I know being waitlisted sucks!  Especially if you only applied to one school.  (By the way, do not just apply to one school.)  It feels kind of like “academic limbo.”  You start thinking “should I apply again” or “should I apply somewhere else” or “should I stay on the waitlist and see if I get in?”  Regarding those feelings, I did a lot of research to see what other people said.  I had all those feelings but thank God I eventually got in because I really did not want to wait another year to start.

Tip #1
If you get waitlisted for any program, I suggest you contact the admission department for a face to face meeting if possible.  Speake with them about your desire to be placed in the program.  Ask them if it is feasible for you to get off the waitlist.  Lastly, ask for advice on how to improve your application. 

If you are taking any pre-requisite courses, continue to take them and get the best grades you can.  Hopefully, all A’s but no less than a B-.  I heard a C is the “kiss of death” to some admission counselors. 

Picked up some volunteer hours.  If the program you applied already requires volunteer hours, then I suggest picking up additional hours in a different practice setting.  I volunteer in a nursing home where I worked directly with a Registered Occupational Therapist as well as other rehabilitation professionals.  I then asked the director for a letter stating how many hours I worked there and the tasks I performed.  I can't suggest a specific number of hours; however, I did a total of 40 hours.

Of course, I am no expert I am just sharing things that worked for me.  Hope it helps and good luck to everyone.

If you have any further advice then please do share it the comment section below.

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