Thursday, February 1, 2018

14 Ways to Show Your favorite OT Some Love On Valentine’s Day

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day is typically reserved for couples and is a day where people show romantic love to one another.  However, it is not just for romantic relationships.  We can celebrate love in all forms with parents, grandparents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors etc.  So, if you have a OT friend in your life who you love and appreciate, you can surprise and present them with a gift this holiday.

1- A Daily Planner:
To be a good Occupational Therapist organization is key.  Any planner will suffice, but a planner where you can plan out your sessions into 30 or 45-minute increments is perfect.

2- Personalized Gear:
To show off those credentials they worked so hard for. (P.S. My name's not Rachel).

3- A Dollar General Gift Card:
Sometimes therapists need to buy their own supplies.  So get your lovable OT a gift card so they can ball out.

4- A Bath & Body Works Lotion Set:
Preventing the spread of germs means constant hand washing.  Dry hands are not only uncomfortable, they are simply not cute.

5- A Waterproof Watch:
Help you favorite OT keep track of how long their sessions are.  Plus, as mentioned before, with all that hand washing who has the time to constantly remove their watch.

6- A Spa Certificate:
The Occupational Therapist in your life works super hard every day caring for others.  A spa certificate will allow him or her a day to practice self-care.

7- The OT Toolkit:
Even the most seasoned OT needs an excellent reference guide or refresher.

8- Cute and Comfy Sneakers:
For those long days on their feet.

9- A Gym Membership:
With all the transferring, walking up and down steps and running back and forth OT’s must do, help them to keep their body’s shape.

10- A Durable Waterproof Phone Case:
For the constant calls and emails, they must respond to.

11- A Laptop Book Bag:
For the therapist that’s always on the go and needs to keep their laptop secure.

 12- A Gas Card:
For any homecare OT who is always in and out of their car.  Or maybe even for the therapist who has an excessively long commute to work.  

13- An iTunes or Google Play Gift Card:
So that your favorite therapist can purchase and download apps to utilize during treatment sessions.

14- A Lovey Bottle of Wine:
…no explanation needed.

Thank you so much for reading, Dionne

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