Friday, June 24, 2022

Destressing After a Long Work Week

It's been a long week, but the school year is almost over. One of the ways I destress after a long day is to light a candle and relax. I honestly love anything that smells good.  Perfume, body spray, air fresheners and of course candles.

What are some ways you relax after a long day?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

5 Non-Clinical Ways to Make Extra Cash Every Month

Yes, being an Occupational Therapist is super fulfilling and the pay is pretty good. However, let’s be honest the cost of living is continually rising. Although there is a currently a "pause" on student loan payments, soon enough they will be breathing down our necks again.

I live in New York City and work full-time in the school system. Additionally, I work part-time as an early interventionist. With that being said, I am usually very tired when I get home. I knew I wanted to find other options to easily bring in more income no matter how small.

One day I decided to Google “side hustles” and found many resources. These include Millennial in Debt, Two Chicks with a Side Hustle, and The Financial Diet. I love these sites particularly because they are ran by women 💁🏿‍♀️. I would highly recommend the if you are looking to earn extra income, work remotely, save money or invest.


Below are FIVE of my favorite (and easiest) ways to bring in extra income.   



The biggest benefits of reselling are that you can start with any items you already have in your home. Look around and see if there is anything you have not used in a while. It may be useless to you, but it will be a treasure to someone else. It is important to note that as of 2022 if you make over $600 on these sites, you must file taxes on your earnings. Poshmark, eBay, and/or Mercari are three of my favorite sites to sell on. Poshmark will give you $10 to begin, so use my invite code CITYANDCENTS to get started. 



Rakuten is a cash-back app I use on most of my purchases. Another feature they have is to find coupon codes for you as well. I figure I am going to spend the money any way, so I might as well get money basically for shopping. How can you beat that?!


Fetch App  

Don’t throw away your receipts!! This one seems unbelievable, but you can earn money by scanning receipts. Yes, receipts! Well, in actuality you can earn points towards gift cards for most receipts you have. This works for online purchases as well. Last year I was able to buy my Apple Air Pods using points I earned for the Fetch App alone. Ofcourse I have an invite code which is NY3Y1.     


Product Tube  

This is another great app where you can earn gift cards. You will receive opportunities to review products in stores or online. They will ask you to record a video (you do not have to show your face) and send it to them. It is just so easy. I usually chose projects from stores I frequent such as Walgreens, Shop Rite, etc. Get your first reward from Product Tube when you sign up using DMAH7131404.


TELUS International

As an Online Task Contributor, you will evaluate websites and products. The hours for this role are up to 10 hours per week depending on task availability but will not be more than 10 hours per week. All anyone needs is an Apple or Android phone, a Gmail account and to be an active user on social media.  


I told you these were simple and super easy. I feel confident talking about these side hustles because I use all of them myself. If you’re interested in any of these apps, feel free to use my referral links/codes 😁.  


What other easy and simple side hustles do you know of?  


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